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Re: Movies Seen In 2013

35. Amour (A-)

I finally got a chance to see the feel-bad movie of last year, completing with set of Best Picture nominees for 2012. It's a very humane and intelligent look at the depressing final moments in the generally happy life of an old married couple, and probably about as good a movie as could be made on this subject. Virtually a two-person show, and both actors are terrific.

36. Moulin Rouge (B)

High-octane nonsense, which has a number of quite brilliant moments, and some lovely music, but it never quite becomes (for me, anyway; a lot of people obviously disagree with this) the transcendant emotional experience it clearly wants to be. MacGregor and Kidman are very appealing leads; Broadbent and Roxburgh appear to be competing over who can be the more cartoonish.

Cinema: 9 (+1)
Home Video: 26 (+1)
Computer: 1
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