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Not really, just another division is assigned to patrol the area that the "Enterprise" was assigned to last year. Similar to the rotation of navel deployments. One year a carrier say "Nimitz" is sent to the Persian Gulf and next year the "Stennis" is sent to the same area. I don't see that the "Constellation" is patrolling an area that the "Enterprise" previously had patrolled as an issue.
My point was that the Enterprise apparently patrols the same area as it did a year earlier (which could suggest certain sectors are assigned to certain starships).

Similar story in "The Immunity Syndrome". Of all those unseen insignias I was pretty sure that the Intrepid insignia would be an IDIC symbol. With the sector / fleet insignia concept it would probably just be another delta and we'd forfeit the IDIC insignia.

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The thing more disturbing to me is in "The Omega Glory" when Kirk says that the "Exeter" had been patrolling in that area 6 months ago; he hadn't heard of any trouble. Really? No contact with Starfleet for six months and nobody was worried or sent a ship to investigate its disappearance?
Indeed, somebody at Starfleet should have worried ("one of our 12 starships is missing!"). But I found most of the script for this particular episode disturbing.

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