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Re: So many horrible characters aboard the Voyager

She might have used a random crewman generator to pick her suitor?

(this is what really happened. Word for word.)

During the filming of Natural Law, Bob and Jeri approached the director for the episode... "Dude" he says "We're sleeping outside, so it's going to get cold, and there is no way that we are not going to snuggle... But there's snuggling and then there's snuggling."

Where then she continues "I have absolutely no problem with snuggling back. Snuggling back as hard as I can this side of a PG13 classification, because digging this guy is part of my back story. We did an episode where I spent a week knocking boots with his hologram. It could be growth for the character and experience for me as an actress. I want to maul him. Sexually."

Which is when Bob adds "I played the Chakotay Hologram as well as the regular flesh and blood Hologram. It was all pretty hot."

"So point blank buddy" The impressive blonde hammers home "Do you want us to sex this up? The fans will go ape, Mexican waves up and down the country that someone on this ship finally knows how to seal the deal after Garret punked out 3 years ago... 3 years! Dammmmmn. I can't imagine going 3 months without a conjugal from Brannon."

"We can be tasteful, subtle like what Kate and I did in season 2."

"HEY! What is this about season 2 you fricking Lothario? You and Kate? Chakotay took Janeway to bed, used her up and is now moving on to my character like some sort of playground trawling predator?"

"Chakotay had needs before you joined the cast and I'm not going to apologize to you for him!"

Which is when the director broke the two of them up from pulling each others hair "CHILDREN! BEHAVE! We have no plans to hook you two up. There are no plans to hook you up. There will be no plans to hook you up. You will preform the script as written, no adlibs or subtext or looking at each others bums. As written, sterile and sexless as GOD intended Voyager."
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