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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

Kestrel wrote: View Post
Glenn and Maggie are almost certainly gonna live.
I hope so. If Joss Whedon were in charge of the show, then that ring would have meant certain death for one or the both of them next week.

The person I'm most concerned about is Judith.

TREK_GOD_1 wrote: View Post
So, any theories about the season finale?
I'm thinking that Daryl will find and rescue Andrea, and that the both of them will help turn the tide when it looks like our heroes are about to be wiped out.

I think we'll lose AT LEAST Beth and Hershel from the prison group.

The Governor has made too many enemies, even out of those who originally trusted him, to survive. That's the problem in trying to predict how he'll meet his end, as there's so many people who have their own personal reasons for wanting to see him dead. Only one thing remains certain about his fate, and that is that the person who delivers the kill shot will have to be different from their counterpart in the comics, as that character was never introduced on the TV show.

Everyone from the prison group will have their own personal reasons for killing the Governor (not counting Judith, of course). The least likely would seem to be Carol... which for all we know makes her the prime candidate. Hell, even Milton, now that he seems to be growing at least a fraction of a spine, could be the one. Tyrese and his sister could also be added to the list once they wake the fuck up.
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