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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

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Also, I'm pretty sure the sun has billions of years, not a million, before it goes nova
It wasn't a natural phenomenon. As JMS said at the time (paraphrasing), "well what would the sun do if hundreds of jump points opened up inside of it?"

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Also, I have a question. I know there is an in universe reason why G'Kar has mismatching eyes (they needed to wait before adjusting the implant to make it match his real eye) but was there a real life reason? Maybe G'kar's actor couldn't have a fake eye lens on that eye for some reason? Its not a big deal, I'm just wondering.
Andreas was just a very professional actor and willing to do whatever the story required. I believe his eyes were both naturally brown.

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I'm not sure why Lochley is in only half the episodes, if it was availability or her character just not organically fitting into all the scripts). Sinc she is in half of the Episodes as a regular, she is credited for all the episodes, SAG rules.
Tracy's contract was for 8 episodes, so she actually appeared in a few more than planned.
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