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Re: Why does Enterprise get so much flak?

My problem with Enterprise was that everything was oh-so familiar. An all American captain, his friend from the deep south, and a Vulcan science officer. Klingons. Time travel. A Star Fleet ship called Enterprise. Weapons that can stun or kill. Last second transporter rescues...all these things are staples of conventional Trek. And they all appeared in Enterprise's very first episode.

It was a Star Trek series, I wasn't expecting things to be totally unfamiliar. But this was merely a rehash of overused ideas.
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They should have done more with the early UFP members and other races such as the Orions. Used species only touched on previously, without having an alien of the week baddie.
Agreed. At least try to explore the lesser known areas of the past. At least the Andorians were portrayed well.

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....and seriously how did 22nd century tech defeat them?).
I had assumed that the Borg seen in Regeneration were cut off from the Collective, and didn't have access to that repository of knowledge. As such their own technology was merely adaptations of what they could find, with perhaps a few improvements. 22nd century technology beat them, because they were limited to 22nd century technology themselves.
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