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Re: DW Series 7 Returns!!...with "The Bells of St John"

None at all - he's done so before, switching from the jacket he stole from the Leadworth hospital to a slightly less well-fitting version by the time the Elysium crashed, only to switch back to the one he stole by the following adventure. However, this was more because they filmed the Angel two-parter before his actual premiere episode, during which time they gave Matt Smith a better-fitting jacket to wear. :P He's since replaced it with another similar jacket, and also swapped into and out of that green frock coat he started wearing last year, that just didn't look right.

Still, to him it's probably been some years since he's lost the Ponds, so I thought to visually symbolize the passage of time he would have abandoned the outfit style he'd bee using when he met them. Mind you, he's apparently been wearing that outfit for 200+ years. Certainly it'd have worn out by now, and no incarnation of the Doctor seems to have had an affinity for needle and thread...

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