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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

Deconstruction of Falling Stars - Many actually like this episode, but, take comfort in the fact this was a last minute rush job to replace the Series Finale (Once TNT renewed B5 for a Season 5). I think it's hilarious watching Delenn put the Talking Heads in their place, "...And you have come much further to say even less"

Lochley is only in 11 of the Season 5 episodes, so, even if you don't grow to like her, at least she's not in every episode

I enjoyed Intersections in Real Time when it originally aired, but, it's not one I look forward to on a rewatch, but, that's mostly because it's painful imagining the abuse Sheridan was put through, not because I think it was a poorly done episode, and actually, I guess it's because it was such a well acted episode
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