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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

I got through 8 episodes in the last 2 days (I was excited to finish Season 4 and begin 5). Its a very big post, sorry

Exercise of Vital Powers - Brainwashed garibaldi was starting to really get on my nerves at this point, but it didn't really become a problem, since he gets fixed before he becomes more than an annoyance. The frozen telepath was pretty strong, physically. He almost killed Franklin with one hand. I figured that the cure for the telepath disease came from the group that invented the disease, and I was proven right later. The Garibaldi stuff in this episode wasn't very entertaining. This wasn't a great episode.

The Face of the Enemy - I wondered what was stopping a Clark loyal ship from pretending to defect while watching this episode, and while it doesn't become a big thing we do learn later that it did happen. Sheridan was an idiot to go to Mars. Garibaldi practiaclly had "traitor" written on his face. The Mars resistance leader is an ass. The telepathic bloodhounds thing isn't surprising. The sheridan tranq fight was kind of annoying. I figured garibaldi's boss had created the virus. It was interesting to learn all that happened to Garibaldi. Ivanova was kind of crazy, though. Shoot Garibaldi on sight? Who is she, President Clark? It never became an issue, but still. Overall, this was a decent episode, and we finally have Garibaldi back to normal.

Intersections in Real Time - I don't have much to say about this episode. Its slightly worse then the last torture episode, and it didn't have the novelty of learning that the vorlons used Jack the Ripper as an agent. This whole episode was one big cliche of the hero getting tortured but not breaking. It was tedious, and forgettable.

Between the Darkness and The Light - This episode was pretty good. I wish this episode hadn't started out with a tedious torture scene to remind me of the last episode, but thats the only bad part of this episode. At this point, I am beyond tired of the Mars resistance leader. I get where she's coming from, but I wish Franklin or Lyta had shot her. It was nice to see the League of Non-Aligned Worlds act grateful and actually work together. It was cool to see Garibaldi and franklin in Earth Force uniforms again after so long. Sheridan was pretty screwed up from being interrogated.The earth/Shadow hybrid ships were freaky. Ivanova's pre battle speech was interesting. She got messed up pretty badly. The upcoming battle is going to be big.

Endgame - This was a very good episode. Opening a jump point in the mars atmosphere was cool. The frozen telepaths came in handy. I wonder if they all died, it wasn't really mentioned in this or the episodes after. The alien healing machine turned out to be pretty important. I never would have figured that it would be used so much and so long after it was introduced. Sheridan's speech to Earth was great. I figured Clark would kill himself, although I didn't guess he would try to take the Earth with him. It really shows what kind of power mad guy he was. Still, why were the planetary defense systems even capable of targeting the earth? you'd think they'd have some failsafes to prevent even a crazy dictator from doing that. It was nice to see the non-propaganda ISN. After the alien device was mentioned, I figured Marcus would give up his life for Ivanova. I liked Marcus. I wasn't sure of him at first, but he became a very good character. This was an great episode.

Rising Star - Ivanova/Franklin's scene at the beginning after he returned to see that Marcus had sacrificed himself for Ivanova was great. Londo's talk about G'Kar's..."endurance" problem was hilarious. I guess Londo will be emperor soon. I hope he doesn't become puppet Londo too quickly. Bester's talk with Sheridan went about as I expected it would. I had guessed that Sheridan wouldn't want to risk using bester's mistress in his telepath attack. I guessed he'd want to, but Bester would have probably gotten revenge, and that wouldn't have been good. The new Earth President is a worm. Even people who were against Clark in the government are borderline evil. I like how Garibaldi went about reccuing his love interest, with the cartoon like exploding box . I like the idea of the new alliance, and Sheridan becoming president was awesome (and kind of a "screw you" to Earth Force and the earth president). I'm glad Earth decided to join. G'kar and Londo's scene at the end was great, with G'kar's eye just happening to show up in a very interesting place (I didn't think they established that his eye would work outside his head just for a joke later, but it was funny). Overall, this was an awesome episode. If only the season had ended here

The Deconstruction of Falling Stars - I hated 95% of this episode. The only good part was the very beginning, with Londo talking about how marriages in his culture are somber affairs (and after seeing his wives earlier, I get why he thinks that) The rest of this episode generally made me want to jump off a cliff, especially after the 500 year mark. I don't want to post a huge rant, so here's what I thought of the various sections.

100+ Annoying, boring, but delen was ok Seeing the near future (from the normal show timeline) clip of Garibaldi held hostage by telepaths ticked me off.

500+ More propaganda, and even worse then ISN (Good facts?) Shoot me now. Also, we know know B5 gets destroyed around 2282 (480 years before this segment of the episode). Thats just great.

1000+ Screw JMS. They revert earth to pre-spaceflight and turn the B5 crew into myths/religious features? This seriously makes the future Londo stuff seem like a good idea. I'm oficially pretending this didn't happen. I haven't seen something this stupid in a long time. I could spend an hour ranting about how horrible this is.

1,000,000+ Humans = Vorlons. Also, I'm pretty sure the sun has billions of years, not a million, before it goes nova

Overall this was a horrible episode. I think this was actually worse than Illusion of Truth, and beats it as the worst B5 episode so far.

No Compromises - The new theme song isn't very good. The music especially sucks. Lochley does not make a good first impression. She seems like a by the book, stuck up idiot (and I'm 90% sure she was a Clark supporter). My first impression is that this is going to be a long season with this idiot commanding B5. I'm keeping an open mind about her, thats just my first impression. Still, she spent this whole episode being a jackass who needed to be put in her place (and garibaldi and Sheridan both screwed with her pretty well) and she's not off to a good start. Bryon doesn't seem very interesting. I've grown tired of vague, mysterious characters. Still, he definately has room to grow if he makes more appearances. since he's on the DVd cover, I'm assuming I'll be seeing more of him. I liked G'Kar's reaction to being the one to write the oath/declaration of principles for the new Alliance. The telepath group could go either way at this point. They had better not be the ones who were holding Garibaldi in the near future clip in the last episode. I really hope the "telepath war" doesn't become a thing in the show (just let it be an event that takes place after the show). Sheridan always seems to have people wanting to kill him. This one is a crazy guy with an agenda. It was cool to see what was under the mask of the insect alien. I really wanted to see Lochley get taken down a peg after insulting Garibaldi, and I really like how he beat her in the end. The assassain's plan was pretty good. This may be harsh, but I'm glad the mute kid won't be a recurring thing. I like how G'Kar, after spending so much time on the oath, just got fed up with the interruptions

G'Kar: Do you want to be president?
Sheridan: Yes
G'Kar: Put your hand on the book and say "I do".
Sheridan: I do
G'kar: Fine, done.

It was a hilarious scene. This was a very good episode, although I'm not sure I'll like Lochley. She was an unlikeable jackass this episode, I hope she gets better.

Also, I have a question. I know there is an in universe reason why G'Kar has mismatching eyes (they needed to wait before adjusting the implant to make it match his real eye) but was there a real life reason? Maybe G'kar's actor couldn't have a fake eye lens on that eye for some reason? Its not a big deal, I'm just wondering.

Overall, Season 4 was pretty good. It had the 2 worst episodes I've seen in B5 so far, and a few annoying plot points, but overall it was good. Season 5 is starting off ok, although Lochley will need an attitude adjustment to be an entertaining character and not just an annoying ass.
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