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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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Frankly, the Woodbury lot are a pretty poor unit. Rick's group has the edge there, & from the look of the finale teaser, they are either gone, or are in hiding & possibly plan to fight with guerrilla tactics, which given the state of their group, is as good a plan as they can muster. It is after all THEIR turf
The smart thing to do is pack up and bail out. Michonne told them about the national guard attack, so Rick's group knows what kind of firepower Woodbury has. Why play with that? Leaving the prison is the best chance....but if anyone has any bomb making talents, and how to set it on a timer, now would be the time to build that surprise.

Guerilla tactics with a largely untrained girl (Beth), a newbie to marksmanship (Carol) and a baby is not recipe for success.
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