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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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I'm curious about the trope though. Is anyone an officer of the law or something like that profession that can provide an answer.

Why is it that when two officers are partners and one is not married and one is, the married one will die and the partner will marry their widow? Does this happen often in real life?
I can't speak to 'real life' examples, but I can understand the trope easily enough: Presumably partners and their families are close. At the very least, the surviving partner and the spouse will both be grieving the same person, and it's not a stretch to see them reaching out to each other for support. Since you've got a single man and woman in the same place emotionally, and both looking to fill a void, you can see where this might happen. Especially if you add in an apocolypse and delete the rest of the world/society that could potentially judge them...
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