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Re: Villains, Always With The Villains

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What works on TV doesn't always work with movies. The kind of plots Trek does with its movies generally do require villains.
Exactly. If Hollywood can't manage a ST movie without it requiring Super Evil Villains and kewl space battle climax for every entry, maybe ST shouldn't be in the cinema. Maybe it should remain a television production.
Undeniably, television is where Star trek excels. But if it weren't for the movies, I doubt interest in Star Trek would have continued through the 1980s, which I believe is what made TNG possible, and from there everything Trek related in the 1990s and until Enterprise's end in 2005.

I don't particularly care for the Abrams movies, but they are a necessary evil. They are once again drumming up interest in Trek and will make it possible for a new TV series someday.
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