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Re: So many horrible characters aboard the Voyager

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What's up with all the Seven/Chakotay hate? It was hinted at in some of the episodes leading up to the finale. I didn't think it came out of nowhere at all. In fact, it was kinda hot......
Oh I'm a fairly hardcore J/C fan.
That should explain my personal dislike of C/7.
It doesn't speak for everyone!

As for other viewers who aren't J/C fans but feel it was "too sudden"...I would just say that the relationship seemed sudden from Chakotay's side. He had never expressed romantic interest in her prior to "Endgame" as far I could tell (he was obviously not aware of his holographic simulation). Do you have any examples? I can't think of any indication of romance between them besides that holodeck program.

Seven's romantic interest in HIM was made clear in "Human Error" with her holodeck program. But, that wasn't the actual Chakotay. Chakotay wasn't aware of it.

Something that viewers did not get to see was them asking each other out or deciding to date, that kind of thing.

We got to see the whole relationship progression with Tom and B'Elanna. It was much more developed.
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