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Re: How Do You Define Success In Life?

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To bring it back around to the original topic of having a "successful" life (and I still don't even get what that really means), I think for a lot of people much unhappiness is caused by mistakenly placing value in outcomes and qualifying them in terms of successes and failures. A lot of judgement comes from the same fallacious thinking, too. I can put value only in what I can do and how I react, because in the end I don't really have control over how the cards fall.
I've never been very materialistic and I've never bothered much with goals. I've always equated the word 'success' with something other people strive to achieve, something I have neatly stepped around as not being worth bothering with. I've actually been very successful at not bothering with it

(which isn't quite responding to what you've written ..)
I bolded the statement you made, which I think is the most basic definition of success. Most people equate success with financial gain, status, a good relationship, etc., i.e., those are the objectives that people strive to achieve. But since not everyone shares the same objectives, who's to say one is either successful or a failure at what he/she does? My boss always says, "I want people to be successful," which I take to be a well-meaning statement. On the other hand, that's a very presumptuous remark. What makes him think his employees aren't already successful at what they're doing? If they're working hard and getting the work done, then I consider that success.

As far as health goes, it's a predisposed factor and should not be counted as either success or failure. There are, however, healthful objectives that can be achieved through personal discipline.
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