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Re: TNG Caption This! 309: The Return of Blu-Ray

Data: "Yeesh! Forget it! This is much too painful just to get a look at a tiny, twenty year old Anne Francis in a mini-dress!"

Guinan: "Aw, your first date! How cute! Incidentally, just a few little rules per Anya and Dr. Crusher: No alcoholic beverages, both hands on top of the table at all times, and no footsies!"

Tex: "See this little filly to my right? That's my wife. See that little filly in red who just came in? That's my girlfriend. Now, you can have either one you want, son, but I'll give you fifty dollars to get one of 'em out of here!"

Riker: "'Gideon'? Isn't that that planet where Captain Kirk had such a rough time?"
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