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teacake wrote
Why? Personally I find Chakotay a good character. In fact, he's number 2 on my favorites list.
Because he always seems asleep or at best muted in his response. He lacks passion. He just stands there, the most you get out of him is a slightly higher voice register to indicate he's all torqued up about something.

I just want to shake him and yell, "YOU'RE A FRAKKING TERRORIST!!! PUT SOME HEART INTO IT!"
Chakotay was a freedom fighter, not a terrorist.

Because he was a Maquis commander doesn't mean that he has to get oubursts of anger all the time. Maybe he is one of those people who don't have to raise their voices to get respect.

And he did punch Dalby in the face in "Learning Curve" and have an argument with Torres in "Parallax".

As for the episode itself, I think that the point with the whole episode was that little twist at the end when we learn that the Vori aren't such good guys after all. Personally, I like such stories. I remember really enjoying the move "High Crime" where the supposedly innocent guy actually was the bad guy in the story. Not to mention that in "Nemesis", we never found out if the Kradin were the good guys either

And I really like the Vori language!
I agree the Maquis was more of a freedom fighter group than a terrorist group. Chakotay is definitely not a terrorist.

I can't see him hurting anybody who did not cause a fight first.
He's not a mean and violent person by any means.
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