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Re: Star Wars The Clone Wars Season Five News and Discussion

I really could have done without the Clovis arc... he wasn't the most interesting character in the series by far. The last time we saw him he spent all his time trying to rape Padme. The only particular interest here is seeing he and Anakin sort of face off. Anakin really screwed him over the last time we saw him. Hopefully the Padme is minimal, too. It would be a painful irony if the final Clone Wars shows are climaxed with her boring senate speeches!! We get enough of that shit from the prequel films.

We know what these 'arcs' are like... they go both ways. On one hand, an arc full of awesome delivers the goods non stop, such as any Darth Maul arc or droid factory demolition (Landing at Point Rain anyone?) but then the problem is that we get saddled with real stinkers like the Gascon droid story which was mind numbingly stupid or the absolute train wreck of the Mortis arc which I can't bring myself to watch ever again...

Well worth our time would be finding out what happens to Sing and Bane... of course we know what happens with Boba. Still, I'm pretty happy that most of the background characters from the prequels (of which Sing would be the poster girl from her 1 second of screen time in TPM) got at least one story to shine in.

So that's it. Concluding the series in animated format (can't say I'm enthusiastic about continuing the series in comic form) we have:

6.1 Botched Order 66 story? (3-4 episodes)
6.2 Clovis story conclusion (3-4 episodes)

Way to go out with a fizzle... there are so many other exciting ideas that no doubt will be locked in Disney's goddamned vault. (On a side note, I find it terrifying that they promote willingly the intractable nature of their media releases with the terminology "vault") All I can hope for is a few descent showdowns will popular/main villains, it would be great to see Grevious and/or Ventress one last time or Dooku for that matter. A few scenes with Ahsoka might be great, but given her prominence in season 5 perhaps she was excluded from season 6 outright?

I still think she should be on the season 5 DVD Blu Ray cover. And dare I say it... it might make perfect sense to include said unreleased shows on the season 5 DVD/Blu Ray as a bonus disc? Many of us were going to by it anyway...
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