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Re: What if Cumberbatch is not the "Villain"?

Based on the scant, available information, I'm willing to postulate that Harrison (whoever, or whatever he is) is acting on his own to correct/punish the unforgivable "crime" committed by "your commanders" (I'm assuming that Harrison speaks this line to Kirk). But that begs the question of what this crime is that Harrison "cannot forgive."

My gut feeling is that Admiral Marcus and others in the upper echelons of Starfleet were neck deep in some operation (probably covert, but definitely sinister) that resulted in the harm to Harrison that he, in his own mind, can only put right by bringing Starfleet (or the Federation) to its knees. I.E. he believes himself a hero, morally superior, executing his judgment on Starfleet Command.

That might make Harrison more sympathetic to the audience and simultaneously make Admiral Marcus a villain. But to pull this off the "crime" committed by Starfleet Command would have to be something so horrific that the audience is almost coerced into sympathy with Harrison.

What I'm saying is that something dumb like "Tribble Genocide" probably isn't going to make me sympathise with Harrison...

Maybe I'm expecting too much though...
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