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Re: Movies Seen In 2013

25. Oz the Great and Powerful: B+
26. Olympus Has Fallen: A-
27. The Lives of Others: B+ (German film)
28. The Croods: B+
29. Jennifers Body: D+

This Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried film about a demon possessed hottie(Jennifer) and her nerdy BFF since childhood(Needy) at it's core has a story that could work. The execution of it was just underwhelming.

They live in a rural town where everyone seemingly knows each other. An up and coming band comes out to play and local bar. The band, Low Shoulder, wants to strike it big and be the next Maroon 5(yes that's a line in the film). They are going to sacrifice a virgin to a demon god that will grant them the power, fame, glory and ritches they seek.

Jennifer comes onto them and after an entrancing music number(which puts the whole place under a spell) the leave with Jennifer to be their sacrifice. Oops, she's not a virgin. If you sacrifice a non-virgin then the demon is allowed to be freed and inhabit the body and essentially feed on souls at will vs waiting for sacrifices.

The movie doesn't at all explain how Needy seemingly has super hearing early in the film. It's trying to establish some super BFF link by a flashback to Needy sucking the blood off of Jennifers finger when they were like 5. This connection is what keeps the two linked throughout the film.

The acting is just really OTT, even for a demon possession film. It's unintentionally funny imo in places. I think with some tweaking of the script and better talent to handle it this could've been something. However, AS IS, it's pretty lackluster.
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