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Re: Convention Circuit - Most Favorite Person You've Met?

I've met way too many of the actors to list here, but my absolute favorite experiences were from Max Grodenchik and Robin Curtis. Robin's story, I'll keep to myself except to say she is made of 100% pure awesome. Max, though ...

I don't think I'll ever forget being at the con with Max down in Kansas City. There was a dinner and a show, and several of the guests walked around to the tables to schmooze. He was so drunk he fell into me. I had to hold him up so he wouldn't fall to the floor. He wanted to to on to the next table, and I propped him up. For the next hour, I was like his right arm, until he had sobered up enough to carry on himself.

I thought he would surely be too drunk to remember any part of it, but a year or two later, I was at Dragon*Con and he was a guest. I went to the awards dinner, where he was the opening act. While singing from the stage, he recognized me, grabbed the mic, and came over to the table I was at. He paused in his singing, said "Hey man, thanks again for KC. Good to see you again!" then saunted right back onto the stage. The others at the table just stared at me.
"Sorry. Wrong movie, buddy."
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