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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

I think it was clear Shane was fighting back murderous intent that 1st time he put Rick in his sights & Dale saw it

This whole show comes down to people who have something to live for & people who don't. Without Lori & Carl, Shane was a man with nothing left to live for. Without something to keep you going, sometimes the people end up like Shane or The Governor, reckless & dangerous

It's clear that Milton knew the Gov. when he was a different man, but now that he has nothing left, it's gone sour. The people who have nothing left must find something, the way Carol has, or they are surely doomed

Merle had nothing until Woodbury found him, & he devoted himself to being the worst he'd ever been in order to have it, until he realized Daryl was alive. That was a bigger hope for him, one he had more invested in than Woodbury, & that's why it played out as it did
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