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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

Indestructible Hulk #5: The battle undersea with Attuma was well done and the art was much cleaner in this issue I felt. Maybe it's just the way he pencils ocean scenes? Anyway, glad I decided to go ahead and get this opening arc and I think I'll stick around for the next one as well.

Savage Wolverine #3: Cho is being treated as a god and offered up the "best women" in the tribe. Some humor here. Wolverine and Shanna are scouting the walled city and again some interesting plain talk humor with the counting methodology.
Despite Wolverine attempting to make in roads in a peaceful manner(the irony) things go south and he and Shanna end up in a brawl that leaves her fatally wounded. Wolverine gets tossed off a cliff but Cho intervenes and seeks a fast way to heal her. The local "Savages" have one hope. I'm very interested in that hope....Man-Thing, next issue. Man-Things visage is after all carved onto the Dark Mountain of the island so I'm hoping for some good backstory if not next issue as the arc runs it's course. Last we saw of Manny he was with the Thunderbolts after tripping through time. He could also speak so lets see if any continuity is kept.
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