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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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I interpreted that at just anger at the whole zombie world thing. Like goddammit you havn't taken enough now my brother too?!
Perhaps some of that, but there was some personal angst in there too. I interpreted it as Daryl's angst that this is how it had to play out. At any time Merle going out like this could have been avoided were he to be less stubborn & wrongful. It just struck me as a "Why did it have to come to this, you stupid son of a bitch?" moment

Mr. Adventure wrote: View Post
Oh yeah, I think that one walker had a skull made of M&M candy shell.
I suppose that should bother me, but really... it doesn't all that much. It's Sci-Fi, with a fantasy epidemic. It could all just be part of the zombification effects. I let it go mostly
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