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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

I interpreted that at just anger at the whole zombie world thing. Like goddammit you havn't taken enough now my brother too?!
If he had then charged the other walkers I'd see that, but given his anger was directly specifically at zombie Merle, I took it differently. Either way, well done.

I don't think Merle abused Daryl. I think they were both abused by their father. Daryl looked up to his older brother as a protector, but Merle left Daryl alone with their father at the first chance he got. Daryl still didn't hate Merle, though. So I don't think Daryl was taking his anger out on Merle's walker.
Merle's treatment of Daryl was belittling and mentally abusive in every single scene they had together. I don't think he abused Daryl in a physical sense but in a mental one.
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