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Re: New details on upcoming '60s Batman merchandise

DC to launch digital-first Batman comic based on classic TV show
  • DC Comics will expand its digital-first comics line this summer with the debut of Batman ’66, a series based on the classic television series.

    The announcement came last night in Hollywood, where Warner Bros. Consumer Products launched its Batman Classic Television Series licensing program during an event co-hosted by Junk Food Clothing and Meltdown Comics.

    Inspired by the television series, which aired from 1966 to 1968 on ABC, Batman ’66 is written by Jeff Parker and illustrated by Jonathan Case. In an ironic turn, Michael Allred, whose Adam West/Batusi cover (below) couldn’t be used for DC’s Solo because of legal issues, will be providing the cover for the first issue. Like the DC’s other digital-first comics, Batman ’66 will be collected monthly in print.

    “The juxtaposition of offering a retro Batman ’66 comic as a current and modern digital first title is fun,” DC Entertainment President Diane Nelson said in a statement. “DC Entertainment is the most prolific producer of digital first comics and, as we work to create new and compelling content, this is a great way to also preserve the legacy of our characters. It’s exciting to roll out the new Batman ’66 comic as part of this bigger initiative with our Warner Bros Consumer Product partners.”

Art looks pretty good though I could live without some of the weird coloring flourishes and wish Allred was doing interiors as well. Either way, I'm looking forward to this. As much as I love "real" Batman the TV show was my introduction go the character and I'll always love it for that.

And Julie Newmar is still the best Catwoman ever.
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