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Re: Why my friend doesn't like DS9: Sisko.

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The "characters" in Jar Jar Abrams Trek are loud, crudely drawn sketches for an audience that is barely paying attention, that's why they're crappy.

There's nothing wrong with selfish characters or unsympathetic ones. I like characters because they're interesting, not because I'd like to have a beer with them. Harry Kim seems like a really nice guy but he's dull and lifeless. Would rather watch an interesting selfish character like Quark.
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Flaws are ok, as long as they don't make them unsympathetic.
I don't have to feel sympathy for a character to really find them interesting and enjoy watching them. I never felt much empathy for Dukat and he's one of my favourite Trek characters before S7 butchers him.

For protagonists, like Sisko, you should be able to empathize with them. They are, after all, our proxy in the world.

The problem I have is that the main character trait that characters express the most in DS9 (Sisko excepted I guess) is selfishness. Now that's easy to identify with, as most people are selfish almost by default, but I don't find it an appealing trait in a protagonist, which is why I also don't like the JJ Trek characterizations, where Kirk is highly self-centered.
I'm not seeing how selfishness was the main character trait of most of the characters. What we see in DS9 are a number of characters with conflicts of interest that come into play. Kira with the wormhole and the prophets/wormhole aliens, Odo and loyalty to his comrades vs loyalty to the Founders, Quark is usually looking out for Quark, etc., but when push comes to shove they all help and care about each other. One of the most interesting aspects of DS9 is how this group of individuals with obvious flaws learns how to get along and work together instead of against each other. They didn't start out all happy happy joy joy like TNG.
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