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Re: Worst Star trek actor ever

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Ethan Phillips. I suppose he's technically not the worst actor, but I can't stand Neelix.

Eric Bana as Nero: "Hello, Christopher." Easily the most frustrating line of Star Trek for me. The line was completely out of place; the pacing, the inflection, everything. It detracted from the tense scene and I couldn't stop thinking about it afterward.
I loved Eric Bana's delivery of that scene.
Me too. Destroy a Klingon fleet, destroy a Federation fleet and then answer a hail like you're introducing yourself at an AA meeting. I LOL'd.

I've seen that line criticized before, and I don't think some get that it's supposed to be intentionally casual. Nero's sending the message "I'm a confident badass, I don't need to growl menacingly."
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