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Re: Villains, Always With The Villains

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Cumberbatch is a great actor but in the trailers all he does is snarl in a black trenchcoat and blow stuff up. I doubt he'll compete with Winn, Dukat, Weyoun and Female Changeling in terms of great Trek villains.
Yes, I agree. I just think he will be a refreshing change from Nero and other Trek movie villains. At least I hope so.

And yeah, no way he'll be on the same level as DS9 baddies. I started off absolutely hating Weyoun and he ended up becoming my favorite DS9 bad guy, Combs was just excellent in the role.

I also like the Breen. Not because they look like Leia's character from ROTJ, but because I thought they were a cool race...and they had cool outfits, weapons, and ships. I also liked the mystery behind them and how it was left up to the viewers to decide what we thought they might look like underneath their uniforms.
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