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Re: They are going ahead with a Justice League movie

Stanton is a pretty egregious case of arrogance and under-preparation. A large part of Pixar's storied reputation is due to the fact that, since they don't have to work around actors' schedules and the logistical difficulties of filming, they can keep tweaking their projects until they're satisfied. A large part of WALL-E's third act was completely redone, for example, and from what I've read no one ever really got a handle on the story for Brave.

The New Yorker ran a long profile on Stanton last year, and since he lives in my home county (but isn't a native), I hate to say it, but he came across as a first-class pompous ass, all but bragging that he'd told Disney execs from the get-go that John Carter reshoots would be necessary, as he "wouldn't get it right" on his first pass. Well, he didn't get it anywhere close to right on the second pass, either. As with most movies, the original sin was (his) lousy script.

And while I don't doubt, on the basis of the evidence, that Bird is a much better live-action director than Stanton, it's worth noting that Bird has neither screenwriting nor story credit on Ghost Protocol.
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