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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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If he goes to Woodbury, will he rescue Andrea, and the two are separated from the rest of Rick's group (a slight replay of season two's finale), will they form a bond, setting the stage for Carol to seek romance elsewhere?
Oh God, I hope not. That would be too soapy. No, something nice and subtle for Carol and Daryl. Oddly enough (or maybe not oddly) I can actually see Rick and Michonne becoming lovers at some point in the future when he's finally stopped mourning Lori.
Yeah, but the series honchos do not want to run toward the expected--at least not in a telegraphed way. The most unlikely couple of all--bigmouth Andrea and streetwise southern "outlaw" type Daryl--would throw the audience for a loop, even if does not last.

Oh, Merle, Merle, Merle. We barely knew ye. I felt bad for Daryl, anyway. Seeing your big brother in that condition would rip your guts out. So to speak.
Merle was subversive trash, but setting Michonne free, and admitting that he's seen as the devil (having no place among Rick's group--including Daryl) were effective realization moments. If he cannot go back to the realtionship he had with Daryl, he has no reason to live.

I credit the series for breaking the predictable in showing some growth / self-analysis for Merle, which is so rare in "everything is gritty"/one charracter mold TV.

Shane was a self-interested, murderous demon, and could not change, but Merle--the racist, sexist, violent criminal turns a corner before the end, thus the stereotype was melting.

On the other hand, of all of the Rick gang, Glenn is so Maggie-obsessed, will he even appreciate Merle let Michonne go, and actually cut down some of the governor's numbers?
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