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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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I wonder if next week annoying Dad will find a way to blame Tyreese for his son's death. I'd like to see Tyreese kill that ass off.
I think that's the natural set-up; the moron is desperate to prove his loyalty / manhood to Phllip, and hates Tyreese, so as I mentioned earlier, he would try the "accident" or "friendly fire" scam to kill Tyreese.

The big question is Tyreese's sister: part of the attack, or left at Woodbury? Aside from Daryl rescuing Andrea, I can see his sister realizing she's in the 21st century version of Jonestown (also recalling Andrea's warning), and making her move. Perhaps they escape, but discover the prison is destroyed and assume the worst has come to pass, going off in a different direction.
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