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Re: So many horrible characters aboard the Voyager

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I wouldn't say horrible. Badly written at times.

Ex: The whole Seven and Chakotay deal, ewe.
I missed the bit with the Sheep? Was this some arcane Indian custom? He trades Seven for a Sheep with Queen? I mean seriously? How do you do that safely? Squeeze a lamb into a torpedo casing like a high tech sausage and fire it at the collective while running away at warp 8?

They didn't have time to throw in some "Chakotay's people" custom into that episode. Personally, I'm glad they didn't.

I actually thought about it and either during the lapse between "Renaissance Man" and "Endgame", the most likely development of the Seven/Chakotay thing () either came from 1) Seven just being completely direct like she is and saying "I like you. Let's copulate!" or 2) Chakotay finds her "Chakotay and Seven are dating" holodeck program and is like "Whoa she likes me?" and then runs to the Cargo Bay (or Astrometrics).

To be honest, even though I hate C/7, I think Seven was probably using that holodeck-Chakotay to prepare her for "the real thing". It's just annoying that you never actually see them decide to start dating so you're left with "Where the HELL did that come from?"...
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