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Re: I'm getting a motorcycle.

Wear all your gear, all the time. If you're complaining about it being hot, get a mesh jacket that has all the armor in it. Long pants, boots, gloves, helmet. Every time.

Also, I wouldn't buy that bike, personally. Eventually, maybe. Starting out, get yourself a cheaper one and ride that for at least one season. Make sure you like it and are comfortable with the bike before getting something nice, shiny, and expensive. Plus, if you make a rookie mistake and drop it, or even screw up in a parking lot, you'll feel better about it if it wasn't new, and already had depreciated or had scratches on it. Trust me, get a starter bike.

Go on Craigslist or wherever, and find a cheaper used one. Can probably find a mid-2000s Shadow no problem, and for very cheap. I checked, there are a million used ones in your area, all in the $3500-4000 range, and can talk them down from there. Used ones will likely have custom mods too that will save you money (chrome, backrest, windshield, bags, highway bars, whatever).

Ride that for a year or two, and then sell it back for just about what you paid for it, or trade it in, and THEN get a new(er) bike. It'll work out much better that way.

My first bike was a 1979 Honda CB750, and got it in 2004. Rode it two years, just to get comfortable, and sold it for 200 more than I paid for it. Then got myself a Kawasaki Vulcan 900 LT, and love it. It would have been WAY too much bike starting out, though, and I'd have ruined it.

Good luck!
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