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Re: Voyager again, for the first time

I'm not sure if those pipes would have bothered me either way, until they were pointed out. Now it immediately takes me out of the show. It's like the BioShock 2 cover, I can't see anything but Bomberman now. But I'd looked at it hundreds of times before a friend made that joke and it never once occurred to me.

I managed to fit one more episode in last night: Learning Curve

I remember this being a much more tense episode. Something about potential mutiny maybe, or outright not following orders. Maybe I'm combining episodes, or projecting what I wanted it to be. Either way, it was nice to see some Marquis struggling to fit in. I haven't had this moan for awhile but I really do feel that season 1 could have benefited more by focusing on this aspect.

However, now that I'm (technically) done with the season, it was a lot better then I remembered, and has dampened down a few of the criticisms I had about the start of the show. Amusingly, I told one of my oldest friends I was doing this, we've known each other from school, roughly when Voyager was first airing, and both into Star Trek. He had a bunch of complaints about the first season too, none of them proved to be true either.

Since I've hit the end of the season, I might take a proper break from watching, haven't properly decided yet. So there'll likely be a post in about 8 hours of me watching the next episode.
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