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Re: Villains, Always With The Villains

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To me, DS9 had the market cornered on great, nuanced major villains. You had:

Kai Winn, who truly believed she was doing what was right for her people, even as she fed her own vanity.

Gul Dukat, who considered himself a good, though flawed, man, even as he took bajoran prisoners to his bed, and manipulated them to get what he wanted.

The Female Changeling, who had no love at all for the solids, but dearly loved her own people and would do anything to protect them, and even Odo, who was a rebellious child in that regard.
I really hope that Harrison will be as complex as a DS9 villain.
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I really hope that Harrison will be as complex as a DS9 villain.
I was hoping for more depth after the last flick and people said not to hope in vain, as JJ was the Transformers guy. I'm not down with loud, smashy movies, but I think I get it.

Even if he were inclined, DS9 had hours of episodes in which to develop deep, nuanced characters (though it got comic-bookish at the end when they got demon-possessed and threw lightning bolts at each other and tumbled into hell. I digress.) A movie has two hours at the most. And it's 2013 summer blockbuster time. Depth doesn't put butts in seats and overpriced, deadly popcorn in mouths.

You hope, and I'll hope too, and maybe JJ'll come through. He says there will be tears. Of course, those lens flares can be hard on the eyes; maybe that's what he meant.
I have faith J.J. will do well. I was very happy with ST09, and I'm hoping this one will supersede it in every good way.
Agreed. I had some issues with ST09 when I first saw it, but upon further viewing it really grew on me and I thoroughly enjoy it. I watched it a couple days before I left home for this deployment.

I have high hopes for the new one and I think alot of that has to do with Cumberbath. I discovered him in Sherlock and think he's great. No matter who his character ends up being it will be a good performance I am sure.

I also found out that the base in Qatar where we get to take our 4 day R&R has a movie theater! I was already planning on taking my R&R around June and since the AAFES theaters usually get movies about a month or so after release I think I can plan my R&R right so I can see STID on the big screen! WOOT WOOT!!
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