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Re: Kirk's Television Enterprise Deck Plans WIP

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One thought that did occur to me is how good an idea is it to keep the security/detention area just a short stroll away from the best means of escaping a starship in deep space? If you'
re keeping someone on ice in the brig, someone clever who might want to get out in a hurry, wouldn't you want to keep him a bit farther removed from the hangar deck?
The major inspiration to locate the security / detention section on this deck came from "The Conscience of the King" (suggestion that main armory is on "H Deck" - maybe in these triangular spaces left by 'accurate' briefing rooms?) plus the brig locations of ancient sailing vessels.

I don't think you could just break out, grab a shuttle and escape.

Considering Matt Decker's flag officer status he probably knew a code how to override access restriction.
And in "The Way to Eden" Dr. Sevrin and followers had taken control of the entire ship. There was no one left to stop them.

I believe that under 'normal' circumstances the doors to the hangar deck and shuttlecraft would remain shut. If a detainee would think he could escape with a shuttle, so much the better. It would keep such a person confined to E-Deck 13 and trapped in its stern section, hopefully.

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