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David Rappaport in "The Most Toys"

As I'm sure many are aware, actor David Rappaport (notably from Time Bandits) was the original Kivas Fajo. However he killed himself, and had to be replaced by Saul Rubinek at the last minute.

I looked at the dates, and was surprised by what I saw. I always assumed that he killed himself early into the production, and had to be replaced because he hadn't finished his scenes. He killed himself on May 2, and the episode aired on May 7.

I thought episodes were normally shot weeks in advance. For example, Drumhead aired in April 1991, but was shot in February. So did David shoot all his scenes, and was replaced only because they didn't want to use his footage anymore, or were they working up to the last minute? Did they have to work around crazy schedules with their guest stars, even if it meant shooting them a couple days before airing?

Either way, it's amazing that they reshot all the Kivas scenes and had the episode on the air 5 days after losing their guest star. Rappaport killed himself in San Fernando Valley, so I guess he was in town for TNG. I didn't know production could be so last minute.

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