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Re: Star Wars The Clone Wars Season Five News and Discussion

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Because they want to make the best possible movie, and they've chosen to focus all of their creative energy on it. Which is fine with me, I'm up for anything that would increase the chances of EPVII being good.
I'm hoping for an awesome Episode VII as well, but the apologist theories about canning a TV series "focusing energy to make the film better" is all bullshit. It's a familiar tune. It's something that comes out of a press release that we're asked to chew and swallow.

It's doesn't take an infinite number of people to make a great movie. If it took 2000 people to make a great film, how can it be proven that it would take 4000 people to make a movie twice as great?

The show was turfed to put more money in the pockets of Disney investors. Corporate decisions favor the consumer last.

This new animated series... chances are it will be set during the Old Republic Era, right? Were I one of Disney's bean counters, I'd want to fanbase to start thinking of another time period (besides the Clone Wars era) and fast.
Agreed, it's bullshit. Disney could still be making money off The Clone Wars and from some talk, they might not even get Episode VII out until 2016. So they're not going to do any Star Wars projects becaue their multi-billion-dollar global brand can't handle it?
I doubt that they will do nothing with the franchise until the movie comes out. I just have a feeling that they will be doing their own thing instead of continuing something somebody else started. At this point I'm thinking anything we get will either be set in the Original Trilogy era, or in an era we haven't seen on screen before. Besides, like I said before it makes sense to me that they would want to start over fresh with stuff that they can have full control over. Think of it this way, if the Disney Star Wars stuff does suck, at least it'll be something new that sucks from the beginning, instead of ruining Clone Wars.

Disappointed to hear that the "bonus content" is apparently only two story arcs. I'm curious as to how "almost done" the bounty hunters arc was. It it was only a few days from being done then I'm not surprised if Disney just said "fuck it." They've proven they don't give a shit about this show.

Two story arcs...I'm guessing one of them is the Clovis arc that was originally scheduled for Season 5. So that pretty much means one new arc was completed. It's too bad it's not more.
Damn, I hadn't heard that it was only going to be two arcs. I was hoping for at least three or four.
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