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Old Treklit vs. new Treklit.

A few weeks ago I got a deal on some older Treklit. Five of the Shatner novels, the four Day Of Honor novels, The Badlands series, the four Dominion War novels, and some other stuff.

Now, I haven't read it all mind you, but sofar.... I'm not very impressed with a lot of these novels compared to what we've been seeing the last few years.

I started Treklit with the DS9 Relaunch, and New Frontier. Had a break for a few years, then came back and started reading Destiny and almost everything since plus a few novels before Destiny. And I truly feel that the quality of new Treklit is far higher then that from say the 90's. The writing is better, characters from the show feel like characters from the show and new, original characters are fleshed out a lot better. Plots seem more original, and the overal feel is more daring. It feels, with a lot of the older novels, everything is back the way it should be at the end. Now, I get that, since a lot of those novels were set while shows and movies staring TNG, DS9 and VOY were still being made. But it does make reading those novels a lot less interesting to me.
Being able to think 'outside the shows' like that has really improved Treklit for me.
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