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Re: They are going ahead with a Justice League movie

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Have they ever considered or asked Bruce Timm to get involved with live action DC movies?
Does Timm do live action? If so I would love to see this.
I think Warner Bros. has always maintained a "Let the cartoon people do their thing, and we'll do our thing" when it comes to live-action projects.

It's also pretty telling back when Batman and Robin was released, they delayed the direct-to-video animated Sub-Zero movie (which also had Mr. Freeze and Batgirl) several months because Sub-Zero was a better movie than B&R, and WB didn't want to be upstaged by an "inferior"
project. This is even more galling when you realize there was B&R merchandise released that has the movie characters done up in an animated style!
How different would writing & directing be for animation compared to live action? I would think it would be pretty much the some before and after the animators have done their thing. I've always been kind of surprised how little crossover their seems to be with the two styles.
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