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Re: TNG Caption This! 309: The Return of Blu-Ray

Data: No, I would not like to sign up for your planetary newsletter. Damn pop-ups.

Picard: It's not that I mind being bald, mind you - I just dislike when the crew tries to pretend the glare isn't blinding them. It's so condescending - oh bloody hell!

Troi: One moon circles! Now!

Guinan: I'm sure this ice cream won't give you both volcanic diarrhea.

Tex: What do you say we find a couple of low mileage pit woofies and help 'em build a memory?

Data: I am so blogging this.

Riker: The Kama Sutra?

Data: No sir. it is the lesser known Vulcan meditation manual known as the Katra Surak.

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