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Re: NASA's Warp Drive - update

Until we get an answer, possibilities is all that we have.

I am reading some of the ancient Greek writings - the ones where they were attempting to explain what an earthquake is? or what is the sun made of?, you get the idea - well, anyway, I wonder if our writings on a piece of technology would resemble those writings, where we have some glimpse of the nature of it, but the full nature of it is elusive to us because we don't have the knowledge nor the tools to fully understand it. I keep reading in magazines about pieces of tech left behind by our ancestors for which we have no explanation of their function. How then will we understand a piece of advanced tech?

I think it more likely that humans will find a way to wreck our planet's life-support systems before we develop a means to design and build a vessel with warp drive. (I didn't say interstellar spacecraft, for we have already built those. I am thinking of the Voyager and Pioneer probes.) And, it doesn't help that we have politicians who are obsessed with government spending, and will cut that spending even when it does help the nation and its people.
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