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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

So, any theories about the season finale?

Will Daryl seek revenge against the Governor, make his way to Woodbury, only to discover the attack squad is on their way to the prison?

If he goes to Woodbury, will he rescue Andrea, and the two are separated from the rest of Rick's group (a slight replay of season two's finale), will they form a bond, setting the stage for Carol to seek romance elsewhere?

What about Tyrese? I think he will be forced to make a quick decision: kill the moron who was once a companion (whatever his name is), as we can guess that moron will try to use the prison attack to lead Tyrese into an "accident" or "friendly fire."

Now that Glenn has Herschel's approval to marry Maggie, is this......nah, too many spoilers in the theory.

How long will Rick see visions of Lori?

Who gets to turn into the big ass kicker of the finale: Carl? Carol? Beth? Glenn? Herschel?

I'm curious to see the conversation between Michonne and Rick, now that she knows all about the original plan.
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