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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

That was a damned fine episode. Michonne is awesome, Norman Reedus was fantastic - and good on Daryl for pointing out that Michonne had the trap idea - and Merle... well, I'm not sad he's out of the picture but he pretty well shined in this episode. Great ending for him, and crushing for Daryl seeing him as a walker.

Now that the Season Finale is next week (does anybody else find it... ironic that it's on Easter Sunday? ), the question is who's gonna die?

Rick, Carl, Daryl and Michonne I'd say are 100% safe.

Andrea I'd say is likely to live too.

Glenn and Maggie are almost certainly gonna live.

If they have a little wedding ceremony and Hershel performs it, I'd lay even odds on him biting the dust.

Judith I think is a goner, and with her either Beth or Carol. Beth has had a lot less development, but we could get more angst for Daryl (and the audience for that matter) out of Carol dying.

Tyrese and Sasha will join the Prison group and the two annoying guys will die.

This is assuming the prison arc wraps up this season of course; if they repel a Woodbury attack and we don't get a conclusion to it until next year's mid-season finale then who knows.
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