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Re: So many horrible characters aboard the Voyager

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Is it the most profound series of Trek? Maybe not. Did they use too much time travel and Borg? Maybe. But it has a great comedic angle and a special chemistry among the characters that I find the most enjoyable to watch.
Completely agree, the comedy and the chemistry so often delight. The characters and the show is bright and colorful in a way that shines. And since I love time travel and the Borg I'm a happy camper.

You'll love DS9 though, there is plenty of humor there as it goes along, though more often with the supporting characters.
Yeah, I like DS9 so far. But I am so used to the way Voyager's comedy works, that it is very different to watch. But I am enjoying it nonetheless. Kira is kick-ass!

I am sure every Trek series has something unique and special about it and for Voyager, I think it's best achievement was it's ability to be funny, snarky, witty, and bright without compromising it's main premise.

Like DS9, it was character-driven but had a lightness to it even though its general situation (being lost in the Delta Quadrant and being 70 years from home) is actually one of the seemingly most dark premises you could come up with...yet it seems to be the most light-hearted of the series from what I can tell. And I love that.
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