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Re: Casting Ahsoka Tano

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The Togruta's average life expectancy is 94 according to Wookieepedia, which is above real-world early-21st-century human life expectancy, but a bit below the life expectancy of Star Wars humans.

Ahsoka was born c. 36 BBY (i.e. before the events of the original movie), and Return of the Jedi takes place in 4 ABY. So if Episode VII is c. 30 years after ROTJ, then Ahsoka would be c. 70 at that time.
Which can always be retconned.
Or they could just have her frozen in carbonite for the intervening 50 years?
Yes, that's right. I was wondering about carbonite as well, it would certainly help keep Ahsoka of youthful, lightsabre-slashing age. And it would actually be a quite believable reason for her to disappear after The Clone Wars and then re-appear whenever throughout either the mysterious "Underworld" timeline of III-IV or post ROTJ.

I'm kinda liking all these suggestions. Rosario Dawson is good and I think Mila Kunus is an excellent suggestion.

Of course ideally it would be Ashley Eckstein... too bad her eyes are so tiny in comparison to TCW's animated Ahsoka's gigantic saucers!
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