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Re: TNG Caption This! 308: The day LeadHead broke the server

Picard: Alas poor Yorick, I knew him Horatio.
Riker: Ensign Yorick? He transferred to Starbase 3, I think.
Picard: Hamlet, Number One.
Riker: Lieutenant Hamlet is at Starfleet Command Quartermaster's office in Beijing, I think.
Picard: Shakespeare, Will.
Riker: Shakespeare will what? Transfer aboard Enterprise?
Data: Allow me, sir.
Picard: Please, Data.
Data: The Captain has undoubtedly found a spear on an archaeological dig. He wishes you to shake it.
Picard: Geordi?
Geordi: I thought Yorick went down with the Tolstoy at Worf 359.
Riker: War and peace. Now that's a good book.
Geordi: For cracking nuts?
Riker: What else?
Picard: I wonder if I can just slam my head through this transparent aluminium window.
Data: A-Loo-min-um, sir.

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