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Anyone notice Voyager character's names have been used in Trek before?
Counselor Troi once mentioned having an appointment with an Ensign Janeway...
Theres an Admiral Chakotay in an episode of DS9....
Here's my theory about Ensign Janeway:

Ensign Lucy Janeway is actually Our Captain's cousin. Her father is the brother of Kathryn's father.

From an early age, Lucy Janeway's parents always told her stories about how remarcable cousin Kathryn was. Such as: "Kathryn is doing so well in school, Kathryn won the tennis tournament, Kathryn has been accepted at the Academy", all those stories told with a hidden sentence of "Why can't you be as good, clever and smart as Kathryn?"

So poor Lucy struggled with her duties, eventually ending up at the Academy herself, only to be told that "Kathryn is an Engineer at the starship Icarus, Kathryn has become First Officer now and finally, when Lucy got a posting at the Enterprise, something she thought would really please their parents, she was told that "Kathryn is the Captain of a ship now".

Lucy continued to struggle with her career on the Enterprise but then came her problems with Lieutenant Pinder and her bad luck when she brought up the subject to Counselor Troi, not knowing that Troi was under Ves Alkar's influence and because of that behaved rude and arrogant to poor Lucy.

The argument with Troi made Lucy Janeway ask for a new posting so she was transferred to USS Excelsior. Of course, her parents saw that as a setback in her career. "If Kathryn had had a posting on the Enterprise, she wouldn't have been transferred....."

The final straw came when Voyager disappeared in the Badlands. From that moment on, Lucy Janeway had to stand a constant complaining about "poor Kathryn and her lost ship" and she realized that whatever she might achieve in her career, she would never come up with something that spectacular.

So she finally flipped, told her parents what she had wanted to say a long time, quit Starfleet and joined the Maquis instead. After some time with the Maquis, she went to Angel One in order to avoid being captured by the Federation or the Cardassians. When the wars were over and she was paroled together with most of the Maquis, she settled on Cestus II where she works with gardening.
I read that whole thing expecting the climax to be her rather dramatic death.

"If my cousin Kathy can get lost in the badlands I'm going there too in my little shuttle so there!!"

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