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Re: How Do You Define Success In Life?

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It's far more luck than anything else.

Is the term fundamental attribution bias? I can't remember, it's something like that -- the tendency we have to overestimate the role our behavior plays in a situation and underestimate external factors. You can run all the marathons you like and micromanage every fucking nutrient that enters your body, but if you come across the wrong pathogen, or have a gene that's just a little wonky, you're fucked.

ETA: Fundamental Attribution Error -- I was close!
I agree with you, but if you get hit with a pathogen or develop cancer and you've let yourself fall into a state of lifestyle induced ill health dealing with disease will be a lot harder on you. And that just plain applies to age as well.

If you say, "I've got my health" that's luck.

If you say, "I've worked to maintain and achieve this level of physical well being" that's success.
I do agree with that, sort of. However the converse is that if one starts qualifying health in terms of success, then when things don't go so well, one feels a failure.
You're right, it would be easy for someone to feel a failure because of the way society frames it. However I would saya person's success at health is a daily thing, you might have something go wrong but if you're not actively contributing to ill health by your lifestyle you are still being successful in how you take care of your own body.

I can do absolutely everything perfectly: dose exactly right at the exact right time, eat exactly the right amount of exactly the right foods, cover exactly for whatever physical activity I'm doing, and still some other confounding factor will come in and fuck up my blood sugar. It's not a reason not to keep working at it, but it's a very good argument against seeing health as something at which one can be successful. We may be successful at certain behaviors which can promote good health, but that's not the same thing as being healthy.
But even if your body fucks up you are still successful in not having contributed to that and to other unseen things. Like your arteries, you said you are quite athletic and your arteries as you age will benefit from your success at maintaining your health via exercise.

But generally, yeah, bad choice of words because that's all rather too much parsing and the message people get is they have failed if something goes wrong.

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