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Re: Villains, Always With The Villains

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To me, DS9 had the market cornered on great, nuanced major villains. You had:

Kai Winn, who truly believed she was doing what was right for her people, even as she fed her own vanity.

Gul Dukat, who considered himself a good, though flawed, man, even as he took bajoran prisoners to his bed, and manipulated them to get what he wanted.

The Female Changeling, who had no love at all for the solids, but dearly loved her own people and would do anything to protect them, and even Odo, who was a rebellious child in that regard.
I really hope that Harrison will be as complex as a DS9 villain.
The problem is that antagonists such as Dukat are developed over the course of many years worth of episodes. A movie villain has to be developed and dealt with in the space of about two hours. That is where the writers did well with Khan and the Borg Queen - they were able to take antagonists who were previously developed and then take them to a new level.

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inklingstar, since when has TMP been critically appreciated?
Around the time that the Director's Edition DVD came out, I noticed a lot of people giving TMP respect as a harder sci-fi story, with interesting ideas despite the lack of action. I really started to appreciate it more around that time and I am sure I was not the only one.
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